Contact Providers at the Following Phone Extensions:
  • Dr. Tynan - Claire x243; Lindsay x244
  • Dr. Maple - Karen x242; Rose x263
  • Dr. Kothmann - Sandra x248; Bella x275
  • Dr. Holt - Melissa x251
  • Dr. Mayben - Brenda x245; Madonna x277
  • Dr. Daley - Bruce x246; Dawn x280
  • Dr. Johnson - Aryn x276; Madonna x255 
  • N.P. Emily Evans -Kaitlin x249; Bella x275
  • N.P. Patricia Scott - Deltima x247; Bella x275
To reach our after hours on call physician for non emergent issues please call (830) 997-4353 and ask for the on call physician for the Fredericksburg clinic. 
1308 SOUTH STATE HWY. 16, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Phone: 830.997.2181
Fax: 830.997.4453
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